About Us

Welcome to Plant Pursuits!

At Plant Pursuits, we are passionate about plants – and it shows. We have an immense love for house plants, and we’re here to help you share that same passion. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, we have the resources to help you choose the right plant for your home and nurture it to its fullest potential.

Our team is composed of experienced horticulturalists and plant enthusiasts who are dedicated to providing you with the information and resources you need to give your plants the royal treatment. We provide tips, tricks and advice on how to choose the right plants, care for them and maintain their health.

We also offer a wide selection of plants for purchase, all of which have been carefully chosen for their quality and beauty. We source all of our plants from trusted suppliers to ensure that you’re getting the best and healthiest plants available.

We hope you’ll join us on this journey and experience the joy of taking care of plants.

Our Team

  • James Twitty, Founder

James is a software developer by trade, but his true passion lies in plants. He loves to be outside in nature and is always eager to learn more about the different species of plants he finds. He often experiments with growing and propagating different types of plants and herbs, and is always excited to share his knowledge with others.

When he’s not coding or gardening, James likes to spend his time writing and exploring different cultures. He is a genuinely curious person and enjoys learning about different people, places, and things. He is also an avid traveler and loves experiencing the world through his own eyes.

  • Sharon Brown, chief editor

Sharon is a creative and hardworking individual. She has a great sense of humor and loves to make people laugh. She is a writer and as such, has a knack for words and is always looking for ways to express her thoughts in writing.

She is passionate about house plants and takes great care of them, tending to them with the same level of dedication she puts into her writing. Sharon enjoys learning about new plants and exploring different ways to make them thrive. She is known for her green thumb and has become a bit of a celebrity amongst her friends for the beauty of her garden.